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Castaar International – Badminton Championships 2023


Foreign players can only enroll the tournament by e-mail (to, using their valid and unique license number of their federation or their BWF-license number. They should provide their club name, current player classification, discipline(s) and name of the partner(s).

Closing date for foreign registrations: january 20th 2023, 23:59

Link for Belgian players:


Saturday february 11th 2022: Doubles & Mixed Doubles
Sunday february 12th 2022: Singles


  • Prizemoney for winners and finalists of every ranking in every discipline
  • Castaar International trophy for every winner of ranking 1-2
  • Castaar Challenge for topplayers (ranking 1-2):

Every 1-2 ranked player who wins 2 disciplines (MS, WS, MD, WD & XD) during the BTH ’86 Castaar International 2023 gets a bonus of €100.

Important notice:
The €100 bonus will only be granted if both tables have at least 12 individual players (MS & WS) or 12 couples (MD, WD & XD). If a player wants to compete in the Castaar Challenge, he or she has to play every discipline in rank 1-2.

Sportcomplex De Bres, Mgr. Senciestraat 13, 1500 Halle, Belgium

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